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Sigrid Voll Bøyum: Dråpe-stasjonen

June 18th, 2021 - July 4th, 2021

BABEL visningsrom for kunst welcomes you to the solo exhibition «Dråpe-stasjonen» by Sigrid Voll Bøyum.

The exhibition «Dråpe-stasjonen» presents works by Sigrid Voll Bøyum that she has produced in her first year as a newly graduated artist. The exhibition is an encounter with a materiality that aims to reflect the characters of water; liquid, solid and steam. In this exhibition, the human body is thought of as a stopping point in the water’s cyclical journey, and the water itself a volatile container for time. Visitors are invited to fill water on the sculpture "Dråpe-stasjonen" and write down the water's journey and history in a “hyttebok” that is included in the exhibition.
Historically, fountains have been erected as a monument to culture that triumphs over nature. The "waterwork" holds the intention of a negotiation.

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