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HC Gilje – mellomrom

6. mars 2020 - 10. mai 2020

HC Gilje «Radiant Live». Photo: Pieter Kers courtesy of Sonic Acts Festival in februrary 2019.

For over a decade the Norwegian artist HC Gilje (b. 1969) has explored how ephemeral media – sound, projections, light and movement – can change and activate a space. As an artist HC Gilje’s main interest is exploring the visual and optical effects when movement of light interacts with physical structures. When light passes through architectural spaces, physical objects, bodies and landscapes, movement of light affects the experience of time passing. To do so HC Gilje often develops tools and mechanical devices to act as instruments, mediators, probes or interfaces that allows movement of light to interact with the surroundings.
HC Gilje’s «Radiant Live» is a large scale light painting in constant change using laser and phosphorescent paint, and will be presented in the exhibition at Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art in March 2020.



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